Dakine Leather Titan GORE-TEX Short Glove

Size: Medium
Colour: Black


akine have long been known for making excellent value gloves for the snowboarding market but it's been a while since we graced our hands with a pair, so we were keen to see if they've still got it.

The Titan gloves are a chunky gauntlet style glove with enough insulation to fend off seriously cold mountain weather. In fact, the 230g of synthetic fill can get a bit too warm on milder days where a thinner summer glove with better breathability is the preferable option.

The Gore-Tex insert is reliable, having always kept our hands dry and when you need to stay in touch with your crew the touchscreen friendly fingertips of the inserts ensure that you don't get frostbite as you swipe. Having a removeable liner is also really handy for ski touring where you tend to swap to a much thinner glove when you transition to climbing mode.

Whether you like the gauntlet style is down to personal preference, a lot of glove makers are moving towards a more streamlined glove that can tuck under the sleeves but then a lot of people still love the protection - perceived or not - from a long wrist that cinches over the sleeve. A toggle pull, and webbing strap allow you to do this effectively.

Dexterity in the Titan's is ok when fully dressed, adjusting big binding straps isn't a problem, but for finer work like zips or fiddly little screwdrivers you're better off with just the liner.

There's an external zipper stash pocket but we think this is a little gimmicky although if you somehow don't find these gloves warm enough you could also use it for a heat pack.

The leather palm adds durability but bear in mind these gloves are 'affordable' so don't expect them to last as long as a Hestra glove which runs at twice the price.


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