Head Cube 3 80 Womens Ski Boot 2023

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Size: 23.5
Colour: Black
$519.99 $649.99
The Cube 3 80 ski boots have been designed for easy all-round performance and the enjoyment of high-level skiers who spend their free time on the track. The performance of these ski boots is completely guaranteed.

The Head ski boot features an easy-to-fit entry shell, with shape adjustment, micro-adjustable buckles and a power and rebound strap; In addition to an automatic walking mechanism activated to walk. Combined with a heat-moldable liner with custom fit that hugs and holds the foot for quick power transfer and a ski response, the boot provides access to all mountains for progressive skiing throughout the day.

The easy entry Cube3 80 is defined by its premium fit, comfort and easy all-round performance, providing progressive frontside skiing to comfort focused intermediate skiers. When engaged in the binding the boot has a progressive accessible flex but click out and the auto ski walk technology delivers perfect hiking articulation. For perfect hold and ski control we added a heat mouldable liner, easy entry rear-loading inner boot and micro-adjustable cuff buckles that offer the widest range of adjustment on the market. From frontside to fireside the Cube3 80 is a pleasure to wear.

– Liner: HeatFit quick entry liner, Sport frame footbed, 35 mm velcro strap
– BUCKLES: 2 micro-adjustable plastic buckles, 1 micro-adjustable wide-body alloy buckle, 1 Supermacro ratchet
– Last: EC 2200cc
– Shell: SL
– Features: Power control frame, Integrated AutoSkiWalk

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