NOW Pilot Snowboard Binding 2019

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Size: Medium
Colour: Black
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The 2019 Pilot from NOW is an all mountain freestyle snowboard binding that is based on the turning capabilities of a skateboard truck, these revolutionary bindings have been designed to turn your snowboard in a new way.

As with all NOW bindings, the Pilot uses NOW's skate tech, which is inspired by the easy and efficient turns of a skateboard. The unique chassis pivots on a kingpin, allowing it to rock backwards and forwards as pressure is applied. This means all the energy you put into your turns transferred to your boards contact points for easy, precise turns, with a skate like feel.

The Hanger 2.0 has a baseless design which brings added benefits of a wider heelcup meaning larger fitting boots will feature a flush hold, snow-clearing channels help prevent ice build-up and a drop-down medial wall for added flexibility.

The Flex Hinge 2.0 highback provides soft rotational twist for freestyle riding whilst being responsive when pushed back over the heel edge, the supportive high back dampens board chatter and eliminates calf-bite, so you can ride comfortably for longer.

With a unique bushing design, the 4 main points of contact direct energy to the board with the firm bushings that are provided. These are perfect for hard charging by allowing the rider to transfer power & energy effectively on to the edges whilst having the benefits of chatter reduction to create a smooth & powerful ride.

The Pilot can also be ridden with or without the highbacks for even more park freedom and thanks to the Flush Cup technology your heel will stay solid in place even without the highbacks on.

The Pilot is a great choice for all mountain and freestyle pursuits. With upgraded tech and plenty of room for rider customisation you can adapt to any terrain and riding style.

Features Include

Tool-less Freestyle Flip It Strap - Two types of EVA foam make this strap super comfy, flip it over without any tools to its freeride setting for more support on powder days

30% Fibreglass Filled Hanger - Lightweight and strong chassis with I-Beam walls for added rigidity

Baseless Design - Unmatched boot to board feel and a perfect flex pattern
Nylon reinforce with 50% fibreglass Ring & Forged Disc - Super lightweight and super strong for great board feel

Hollow Rivet Kingpin - Links the hanger to the aluminium ring and allows for a smooth power transfer to the boards edges via the fulcrum it creates

Stainless Steel Hollow Rivet - Holds it all together in a lightweight package

Dual Injection Bushings - Hard bushings connect onto the hanger and act as the main contact point, diffusing board chatter & applying energy

Buckles 2.0 - Upgraded springs & stronger levers

Hanger 2.0 - Offering a widened heelcup footprint that allows for greater boot-fitting compatibility, snow-clearing channels to stop ice build-up and a drop-down medial wall for added lateral flexibility

Flex Hinge 2.0 Highback - A redesigned and re-positioned Flex Hinge allows for greater support while also dampening chatter and eliminating calf-bite

Flush Cup - Prevents heel lift and creates a flush inner surface when highbacks are removed. The IPO is also compatible with the NOW Highcup which is available separately

Foot Pillow - 15mm EVA footbed for increased shock absorption and tool free access to mounting hardwear

Highcup Technology - The lower highback gives a totally uninhibited ride

3D Toe Straps - New 3D toe straps grip your foot for a comfortable & secure ride

Rider Profile: All Levels
Mountain Profile: All Mountain/Freestyle
Flex: Medium to Stiff 7/10
Compatibility: 4x4 hole, ICS channel disk available from the NOW website
Flex Rating: 6/10

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