Snowbiz Ski & Snowboard Workshop Located in Brisbane CBD

Our Brisbane store is equipped and capable for any ski or snowboard servicing.
Our technician will tune and service your skis or board to make them look like
new again. Drop into the store let us take a look and we’ll give our
recommendations on what work we think needs to be done. For those on the
Gold Coast this service is also available so visit whatever store is more


Proper tuning of your skis and snowboards will prolong the life of your
equipment. Tuning your equipment will ensure it runs true, flat and catch free.
Skis and Snowboards will glide faster and initiate turns quicker when correctly
tuned and waxed.

Tuning your skis & snowboard involves three primary steps:

• Base repair
• Edge work
• Waxing

How do you know if you need to tune your skis? First, look at the base for
scrapes, exposed holes into the core, no structure, blunt/rusted edges, no wax
etc. If this is the case you need a tune and or a wax.


Everyone gets some base damage at some point, usually from skiing/riding
over a rock that’s not covered by enough snow. A gash in your base affects
how well your skis/snowboard glides, so it’s important to repair the damage. 
Our modern Wintersteiger stone grinder will give your ride a perfectly flat and
structured base for the snow conditions wherever you’re headed.



Rust and burrs on your ski edges cause drag and slow you down on firm snow;
so, getting rid of these abrasions can help your skis and boards perform to their

Our Wintersteiger ceramic edger will grind the perfect base and side edge angles, leaving a clean micro-serrated edge that is sharper and harder wearing
than a traditionally sharpened edge.



Waxing your skis is the best way to protect them and keep them performing at
its best in peak conditions. It’s important to wax your skis and snowboards
after completing base repair and edge work, as well as throughout the ski
season to ensure your skis glide smoothly. Waxing every three or four outings
is a good practice. 

Ski and snowboard bases are porous and need hot waxing to enable them to
slide smoothly over snow. Hot waxing is the key. It makes your ride feel like
you are being pushed along by the hand of God.

A friendly tip - when you return home from your snow adventure bring your
board or skis and we apply a storage wax ($20). When living in Queensland
over the summer month’s bases can dry out due to the heat and humidity.
Applying a storage wax will keep the base of your board or skis nicely
moisturized over the summer months, the edges are not rusted and have you
good to go with a quick scrape back for your next trip saving you time and

In our Brisbane store we offer hardware services in our workshop. Our
technician will tune and service your skis or board to make them look like new
again and keep you belting down the hill like a pro.

Not located in Brisbane? Drop into our Gold Coast store ! 

Brisbane Snowbiz

167 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
(07) 3229 8911

Gold Coast Snowbiz

2 Nerang St
Southport QLD 4215
(07) 5531 3035


• Hot Wax - $20 ( Gold Coast & Brisbane Service)

• Edge and Wax - $50 ( Brisbane Service )

• Full Tune (Stone Grind + Edge and Wax) - $80

• Full Tune With Fills - $90

• Ski Binding Mount - $50 (Buy from us and it’s free) 

• Snowboard Binding Mount - $30 (Includes Wax and De-tune)

• All other repairs and boot adjustments will be quoted upon inspection.

• Please note remove your snowboard bindings if requiring a tune – they will
not fit in the machine and we do not hold them or bags for you whilst your
board or skis are being serviced with us.

• During peak times servicing can take up to a week so please remember give
yourself plenty of time before you take off for your trip! 

Don’t know how to set up your Snowboard?
Let us talk you through it. Bring in your gear and we can set it all up for you,
find out if you’re natural or goofy, make sure the angles are correct and the
bindings are on safe and securely. 

Got Problems with your Boots?
We are fully equipped to stretch boot shells, heat-mold liners, construct custom
foot-beds and add padding where you need it most. This is a service we offer
free when purchasing boots off us or already purchased in the past.