Base Layer / thermal clothing are terms used to describe the way of dressing using under garments that are worn on top of each other to keep warm.Layered clothing is particularly relevant in cold climates, where clothing must transfer moisture, provide warmth, and protect from the outdoor elements. Base layers help regulate your body temperature by moving perspiration away from your skin, which will help keep your dry. Using more or fewer layers, allows for flexibility without the bulk. Two thin layers can be warmer yet lighter than one thick layer, because the air trapped between layers serves as thermal insulation.


Merino is an incredible natural fiber that has been used for hundreds of years and provides great benefits for active wear. Benefits include temperature and moisture management, is entirely natural, smoother fine fiber, and grown all year round making it completely renewable.Merino naturally regulates temperate by absorbing and releasing moisture, has anti-bacterial properties which reduce the buildup of odors and is ultra breathable naturally wicking moisture away by allowing air to breathe.

Soft, Stain and wrinkle resistant, Natural fiber, Excellent moisture management, Excellent temperature regulation, Excellent odor resistance (it doesn’t stink), Very good stretch, Slower drying time than synthetics, More expensive than synthetic base layers, Hypo Allergenic.

Weights start at 150 grams to 320g weights. Our most popular weight sold in store and online is the mid weight at 200grams. Click on the link to take you right to the ICEBREAKER range we stock in store and online.

Bamboo Blended Merino takes the best properties of merino and rayon from bamboo to deliver the highest degree of comfort and performance. Those with allergies and irritations to 100% merino do not itch or scratch due to the silk like quality of the rayon. Bacteria are controlled with no smell after several wears. Temperature is effectively regulated in warm and cool conditions. Moisture is quickly wicked and evaporated away from the skin. Softer, warmer, drier, and cleaner.

Lebent is new to our store this year. Weights stocked are a midweight at 200gms. We also have a range of socks, and balaclavas. Click on the link to take you right to the LEBENT range we carry in store and online.


BURTON DRYRIDE Ultrawick Lightweight fabrics are amazing against your skin and wicks away wetness at an accelerated rate to keep you dry all day. Four-way Stretch 360° mirrors your every move and the supercharged Stink-Proofing is a must, cause let’s face it, you’re not doing your laundry every day. Some collections even offer UPF 40 protection. It is a great base layer, allowing your body to retain its natural heat, drawing moisture away from the body, leaving a warm layer of air next to the skin. Lightweight, super comfortable and ultra fast in dry time for your next adventure.

KEY FEATURES Soft, Quick Drying and Highly Breathable, Stretch 360° for Unlimited Mobility, Wrinkle-resistant, UPF 40+ Rating, Excellent moisture management, Excellent drying time, Cheapest Option, Slightly less effective temperature regulation, Odor can build up if not consistently washed, Petroleum-based synthetic fiber

THERMO Super Warm Poly/Viscose Thermals are simple and fast drying to give you great thermal protection. It is a great base layer, allowing your body to retain its natural heat, drawing moisture away from the body, leaving a warm layer of air next to the skin. Thermos is lightweight and super comfortable to wear on your next adventure.

KEY FEATURES Premium Polyester Viscose fibres, Super warm, Lightweight, Soft, Draws moisture away from body, Proven performance, Machine washable, Pre shrunk fabric.

Remember, all base layers are designed to perform whether worn alone or with other layers. Although it may take some getting used to, adding or removing layers is the optimal way of regulating your temperature and moisture in cold weather, especially during physical activity! Still have questions? Please give our knowledgeable friendly staff a call Brisbane 07. 3229 8911 or Gold Coast 07. 5531 3035.