Jones Forrest Shearer Signature Quiver LTD Hovercraft 2.0 Snowboard 2025

Size: 156

Jones pro team rider Forrest Shearer is a diehard Hovercraft disciple who's been riding for the brand since day one. Shearer’s limited edition Signature Series includes select sizes of the Hovercraft 2.0 and Hovercraft 2.0 Split with graphics by renowned artist Geoff McFetridge. The materials and construction of Shearer’s boards is the same as the standard Hovercraft models, aside from a Eco-Plastic topsheet instead of a Flax topsheet.

  • Medium flex + tapered shape for nimble float
  • Tapered directional shape for nimble float
  • Directional rocker profile for float + grip
  • Long sidecut for stability at speed
  • Made with Re-Up tech. Stringers are recycled materials from old snowboards.
  • 3D Contour Base for ultra fast glide and fluid turn intiation
  • Traction tech 2.0 edges

Terrain - On-Piste / All-Mountain - 7/10

Freeride / Powder - 10/10

Freestyle / Park - 5/10

Riding Level - Intermediate / Expert

Personality/Flex - Happy Medium / Stiff & Powerful

Speed & Turn shape - Do-It-All Turner / Fast & Long

Sustainably sourced woodcores - All Jones woodcores are made with sustainably sourced wood. Every piece of wood we use in every board comes from a responsibly managed forest.

Wend Bio Wax - Jones boards are ready to shred straight out of the shop and are factory waxed with Wend natural wax, a plant blend and biodegradable wax that is also non-toxic.

100% recycled ABS - Since 2014, all of our snowboards and splitboards have been built with recycled ABS sidewalls. We've used 847 miles of sidewalls since switching to recycled ABS.

Bio Resin - Bio Resin is a bio-based epoxy made with 27% plant-based carbon instead of petroleum-based carbon. The organic raw materials used to make bio-resin are co-products or waste products of plant-based industrial processes.

Built with 100% solar power- As of May 2020, all Jones snowboards and splitboards are made with 100% solar power. Switching our snowboard and splitboard production to 100% solar made a 89% reduction in CO2 compared to non-solar powered production.


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