Salomon Alibi Pro Snowboard Bindings 2024

Size: L
Colour: Black

Alibi PRO binding features Blaster the intuitive All-Terrain Freestyle Joint for dynamic suspension and dampening. An asymmetrical highback and upgraded with the lightweight Shadow Lite Strap focusing on comfort, performance, and control.


SUSPENSION - A responsive joint linking the heelcup and baseplate that works as a dynamic suspension system for your snowboard, smoothing out your ride and enhancing control.

RESPONSE - Blaster brings a harder joint for response and control for all terrain freestyle riding.

COMFORT - The Shadow Lite ankle strap offers the ultimate fit, precision, support and lightness for all terrain performance.

SHADOW LITE STRAP - Ultimate fit, precision and lightness for all terrain performance.

BLASTER BASEPLATE - Strategically placed Blaster pods provide a dynamic suspension between boot and binding to provide the perfect blend of energy and mobility.

ALIBI - A responsive flex with an asymmetrical shape provides increased support on the outside and manoeuvrability on the inside.

BASEPLATE COMPONENTS - 45% fiberglass nylon composite, Toolfree Adjustable toe ramp, Universal Disc, IMS, Unite disc compatibility

HIGHBACK - HB Filter, 12° Pre-rotated shape

PADDING - AIR Bed, Canted Footbed

TOE STRAP - Locked-up toe strap

STRAP ADJUSTMENT - MicroMax Strap Adjustments

RATCHET - MP Ratchet, Aluminum Buckle

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