Tecnica MACH1 110 TD GW Ski Boot 2024

Save $84.90

Size: 26.5
Colour: Race Gray
$764.10 $849

The Mach 1 MV 110 TD hits the sweet spot for advanced level skiers with medium volume feet that are looking for a more relaxed, all,mountain high,performance boot.

Grounded in the fundamentals of high,performance ski boot design, the MV 110 features T-Drive technology which is a revolutionary shell to cuff connection that allows the boot to function in a much more efficient way. This results in a smoother more consistent flex, better performance and less energy required to ski at a high level. When you add the Asymmetrical Power Transmission shell and cuff design to the equation you get a boot that gives you a great level of control which makes you feel completely at home in any type of terrain or snow condition.

Fit is priority number one in the MV 110 and Custom Adaptive Shape C.A.S. technology is the way we achieve it. Developed with an anatomically shaped shell and liner, the C.A.S. technology provides a great fit right out of the box but allows the boots to have a high level of customisation if need be. Get ready to send it to the next level.

The anatomically shaped shell and liner provides a comfortable out-of-the-box fit. If needed, you can add personal customization with Tecnica’s C.A.S. system to solve any additional fit problems. Skiers will appreciate the Asymmetrical Power Transmission shell, which efficiently transfers all of your energy directly into the turn. Get ready to send it to the next level.

  • Shell:PU - Quick Instep
  • Cuff:PP - Back Spine
  • Liner:PERFORMANCE - C.A.S.- Celliant®
  • Buckles:Mach1 buckles, Lift Lock
  • Powerstrap:45mm strap
  • Canting:Double canting screwed
  • Gripwalk:Option

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